Bike Plan Benefits Sewer System and Community

San Francisco has many attractions and wonderful, scenic parks.  Residents, for many years, have chosen to use bicycles as a popular and desired means of transportation. Among various green initiatives for the City, The Wiggle Project is the talk of the town. This project has brought one of the first traffic diverters to San Francisco, creating a real engineering solution to prioritize biking and walking in the neighborhood — a goal of the project from the start. If you’re biking, this makes the left turn onto Fell Street much safer. As a pedestrian, the improvements increase your visibility to those left-turning bicycles. This project will feature innovative green infrastructure technologies, which are expected include integration of permeable paving to naturally capture storm water before it enters the combined sewer system. Because the majority of the City’s surfaces are paved, storm water has no place to go other than the sewer system. During heavy rains, this can overwhelm the system and result in neighborhood flooding.

As a reminder: Bay Area Bike Share, will begin a series of public workshops this month. At these workshops local residents, businesses, and community stakeholders will have the opportunity to select station locations in their neighborhood, and each community will have multiple options so residents can choose which location best suits their neighborhood. All final station locations will also be evaluated and approved by the local transportation agency. As an integral piece of the growing regional transit, Bay Area Bike Share allows for 24/7 mobility for everyone, at a fraction of the cost of existing transit and driving alternatives.  Once the expansion is completed, Bay Area Bike Share will be one of the largest and densest bike-share systems in North America. San Francisco will have the larger share of 4500 bikes.


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