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Cause and Effect- San Francisco Weather Extremes and Sewer Spills

San Francisco residents are happy to see spring weather arrive as winter brought episodes of more rain and fog, along with cooler temps. While this was preceded by a stretch of drier weather, the city has had a winter that has been predominantly a ‘water year’. So much so that over one-hundred sewer overflows, within the last several months, are attributed to this. The amount of waste in the waterways, stemming from these overflows, has also been a cause for concern. To anyone entering the water, it is advisable to wait for approximately three days after heavy rainfall. In most instances, rainwater infiltrated leaky pipes and overwhelmed the system. Fortunately, San Francisco Bay has become much cleaner overall than it was over fifty years ago due to pollution controls and upgrades to sewer plants.

An important measure homeowners can take is to replace leaky lateral sewage pipes that allow rain to seep into and over burden the sewer systems. To schedule an appointment with a highly recommended certified installer, call us or go online 1-866-336-2568 / www.perma-liner.com. Whether you reside within the city or in a remote area of California, allow us to do the work for you. Many water infrastructures are in much need of renewal due to the sheer age of the systems. We’re here to help take care of that for you with premium services at reasonable cost.


San Francisco, would you like to take a tour of the facility that processes all of the household water that enters the drains in your home? It goes through a very detailed process after it leaves the toilet, sink, bathtub, washing machine and more. If so, you’re in luck!  Next month the city is offering a unique, informative and free tour of the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant. Get ready to learn all about the inner workings of a system that operates around the clock. You’ll discover what happens after the wastewater leaves your home and enters the City’s system. Come learn all about this fascinating infrastructure.