Foster City Drafts Infrastructure Reformation

Foster City is home to nearly 30,000 residents and is one of the most successful planned communities in the Nation. The city is currently planning a series of upgrades to their water structures. In estimating what it will cost to maintain services and infrastructure for a 4-square-mile community, over the next five years, the city is anticipating nearly $131 million in capital improvement project expenses. The infrastructure enhancements include mandated repairs to the wastewater treatment plant it shares with San Mateo, and the creation of a multi-million dollar levee. This is expressly in order to forgo a placement into a flood zone classification. The city will likely fund regional, as well as local upgrades through the funding into the Capital Improvement Plan.

As a 25 percent owner of the plant, Foster City residents and businesses can expect increases that are moderate, as compared to other communities, but necessary to fund infrastructure improvements. Residential and commercial sewer rates will raise by approximately 11 percent. If approved, the average single-family home can expect their bill to increase by about $6 to $57.13 per month with the average being about $86 per month. Households using less than 14,960 gallons every two months will see a 9.8 percent increase in their bill. The new rates, if changed, will begin this summer.

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