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San Francisco’s Sewer Security Systems: A Well-Reasoned Plan

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San Francisco residents, the city has begun a complete rehabilitation of two existing wastewater pump stations. The pump stations being reconstructed are over thirty years old and in need of comprehensive upgrades including new pumps, motors, piping, valves, odor control systems, electrical systems and backup power generators. This will help to not only control overflow conditions during heavy rain storms but improve real time monitoring capabilities, as well. Construction is beginning this month along with the removal and replacement of sewer pipelines at designated locations throughout the city. The trenchless method of using pipe bursting and cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) will be the primary means of rehabilitation. As part of the project, more than 2,500 feet of private sewer laterals within the construction areas will be replaced.

Did you know that innovative and interesting research is being conducted at Stanford University? A brand new apparatus has been introduced- an interactive map displaying and analyzing difficulties between groundwater use and surface water needs in California. Examples of these conflicts will be revealed, as many people think that groundwater pumping only affects groundwater users. But these incongruities shine a light on the groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and how recipients of surface water can be affected when groundwater levels drop. On the interactive map, site visitors can explore groundwater/surface water struggles around the state and filter them by location, type of environmental concern or legal remedy. Visitors can also submit information on new conflicts or add to existing cases.

A natural tidbit: The topography of the Grand Canyon creates an interesting scenario, where the same rules of engagement do not apply. Specifically, when it comes to the rehabilitation of the pipelining systems. Interestingly, the pipelines in the Canyon that supply water to businesses and nearby facilities, are accessed by helicopter or by trail.

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