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Sewer Project Blocks Lanes during March Madness

Sewer Project Blocks Lanes during March Madness

It’s March and if you’re a basketball fan, it’s the best time of the year for high school ball, except in Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Water Utility Authority has begun a significant sewer project that’s bringing lane closures ahead of the state’s basketball tournament.

The Water Authority is commencing work on a mile-long sewer line and roadways will remain closed near the tournament headquarters. Part of the top of the sewer pipe is missing and needs to be repaired immediately.

While the pipe is in rough shape, the Water Authority said there’s no immediate danger of the pipe collapsing, but that the work needs to start now. They add: a broken pipe would have a significant impact than the heavy traffic caused by lane closures and the state basketball tournament.

The entire sewer project will take about six months and the crews are using the CIPP method to reline the 56-year-old pipe. By entering through the manholes, this no-dig method alleviates the need to excavate and it minimizes the impact of everyday life and traffic for residents.

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