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The Bay Area and Sewer Overflows: What to Do


If you’re a homeowner in San Francisco, unfortunately, are at a greater risk for sewage backups in your home. Due to the old, clay sewer lines running under the streets of San Francisco, tree root intrusion and damage from earthquakes are particularly hazardous for plumbing.  While heavy rains, which flood sewage lines with water and debris, are often an issue in any town, San Francisco’s pipe system exacerbates the situation. This is all the more reason to contact a professional cleanup service as they are familiar with the challenges involved when an overflow occurs.  There are a few tips that can help anyone who deals with the inconvenience of a sewer back-up, to get the situation under control.  While the actual cleaning should always be left to the professionals, there are several steps a homeowner can follow if a sewage backup occurs. The area where the backup happens, however, should be avoided as much as possible. Risks associated with raw sewage spills include: exposure to harmful pathogenic organisms and bacteria such as E. Coli, high risk of contamination throughout the building and damage to plumbing structures and other property.

To cut down on the risk of breathing in anything harmful toxins from the sewage spill, homeowners may wear breathing masks which can be purchased at virtually any hardware store. Wearing rubber boots around the area where the sewage spill occurred is also an effective method to reduce the risk of spreading contaminants around the house.

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